Rivers of Opportunities

Seminar in Vienna, Austria


On 24-28 June 2015, the SPÖ Wiener Bildung hosted the partners of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership ‘Rivers of Opportunities’ in Vienna, Austria, at the meeting devoted to audience development in the context of big riverfront festivals. The meeting concluded the "Rivers of Opportunities Project" and was organised simultaneously to the 32. Danube Island Festival.

Among the participants there were representatives of all the partner organizations from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and the UK, as well as a special guest from Australia, Emma Cullen.

Among the highlights of the Vienne meeting there were the following events : a bike tour: "From National Park Lobau to the Largest Open Air Festival in Europe", "Behind the Scene" tour, an open seminar: "Audience Development on the Danube Island Festival: Nurture Nature', "Water Installation" by Amy Sharrocks and visits to the Festival's performances.

At the begin, the participants met at the internal Pre-Opening of the festival on Wednesday, they had the possibility to talk with the workers and organizers of the festival and to see what is happening 2 days befor the official opening. It was an really exeptional evening, which ended at the so called Prater Ilsand, an temporary amusement park at the Danube island.

The next morning started with an art-event at the riverfront of the River Danube. Amy Sharrocks was invited as a british guest artist to celebrate her “Water Installation” in Vienna. Water is important for living and it is important that we take care of our nature. On this morning, the “river cities quality seal” was presented – this seal was signed by all partners, it includes a quality working model for festivals along riverfronts.

Some highlights were a bike tour from the Natural Park Lobau, which is situated in Vienna, to the largest free open air festival in Europe, a tour with the main organizer of the festival behind the scene and an open seminar “Audience Development on the Danube Island Festival”. It was shown how the organisation of the Danube Island Festival uses their opinion polls to develop the festival itself.

Albert Spielbichler, from the Market Resarch Institute TRICONSULT, held a presentation about „Audience Development and Opinion Polling“ during the festival. A festival with over 3.2 Million visitors has to ask their visitors what they want.. Another part of the seminar was how vienna uses the natural areas as recreational zones and how important it is to protect nature along the riversides and how the city protects the natura areas.


Moreover, Rivers of Opportunities’ partners discussed the project's development and outcomes as well as possibilities of further co-operation.



26-29 June 2015 during the Danube Island Festival. Seminar theme: "Audience development in public space part 2, Nurture culture" and project evaluation »»

Reflection of Davor Miskovic

Reflections on Vienna meeting and seminar Audience Development on the Danube Island Festival: Nurture Nature »»

Reflection of German participants

The meeting in Vienna offers us a vision of future exchanges of artists between Vienna, Prague and Munich. »»

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