Rivers of Opportunities

Workshop in Cascais, Portugal

European Workshop on Waterfront Urban Design took place in Cascais, Portugal from Sunday March 23th to Saturday March 29th.

Six groups, each made by two tutors and seven graduate students from the fields of architecture, planning and landscape came to the event. Together fifty-four participants from various countries worked full time to produce design proposals in partnership with the municipality of Cascais.

The multinational and interdisciplinary group developed proposals that supports new public spaces and the importance of public art and artist intervention together with environmental awareness integrated in the design. Municipality of Cascais as been the main sponsor of the event and participated with representatives at the opening session, techinal staff throughout the workshop and Minister of Culture at the final session.

Participants came from Faculty of Architecture Gdansk and Politechnika Krakowska in Poland; Lusófona ECATI in Portugal; German University in Cairo in Egypt; University of California at Berkeley in USA; Hafen City University Hamburg in Germany; Universitat Innsbruck in Austria; Aristotle University of Thessaloniiki Faculty of Engineering School of Architecture in Greece; Università Degli Studi Firenze and Politecnico di Milano in Italy.

The President of the Association Venti di Cultura, from Venice, Francesco Calzolaio participanted at the workshop representing the project Rivers of Opportunities. For more information www.ventidicultura.it

To learn more about the European Workshop on Waterfront Urban Design (ewwud)  ewwud.ulusofona.pt

Rivers of Opportunities project of the River//Cities Platform partners is supported by the Grundtvig Programme.


To learn more about the European Workshop on Waterfront Urban Design (ewwud) go to ewwud.ulusofona.pt


Francesco Calzolaio reflection

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