Rivers of Opportunities

Project partners


The River//Cities Platform Foundation, Warsaw Poland

The River//Cities Platform Foundation is a successor of the informal network River//Cities Platform established in 2006 and currently incorporates 35 organisations from all over Europe. The aim of the River//Cities is to increase the impact of culture on the sustainable development of urban waterfronts for the benefit of their citizens. We want to increase access and enable civic engagement in waterfront public space and culture, and develop cross-sectoral cooperation (between e.g. art, culture, education, tourism, city planning, environment, transport). We do it, for example, through best practise and expertise share at seminars, workshops or at the website and FB. R//C activities explore and link European and local perspectives by sharing experiences and models, developing educational and artistic programmes and disseminating the results within the European civil society.



The SPÖ Wiener Bildun, Vienna Austria

The SPÖ Wiener Bildung organizes events, seminars and offers to party members and non-members a comprehensive range of education and training opportunities. One of the main seminars is the Party Academy. We are also involved in the organisation of the Danube Island Festival. One of the biggest challenges nowadays is trying to bring people from different countries together and to learn from another. As long as we know people were gathering at rivers and seas spending their free time or celebrating religious festivals, and nowadays those places are still the favourite ones for people to relax and forget about their hard weeks. Today it is common to use this knowledge to organize big events with many celebrities and musicians like we do in Vienna with the "Danube Festival", a well known festival where millions of people gather at the Danube to enjoy one of the most interesting and most extraordinary events in Europe, which includes free concerts in a beautiful surrounding. Events like the Danube Festival have approved, that connecting nature and culture is a very effective way to bring people together.



Drugo More, Rijeka Croatia

Drugo More (the Other Sea) is a non-profit organization. Most of our programs are thematic and we are trying to explore certain topics of social interest. We facilitate exchange of information between local and international artists, experts, students and a wider audience. We achieve this mainly through production in the field of visual and performing arts; promotion and implementation of research in the field of culture; organization of participatory and educational events such as conferences and seminars. We are organising the performing arts festival 'Zoom', and the annual interdisciplinary festival 'Mine Yours Ours'. We focus on conducting sociological research in the field of culture and we are organising educational programs in the areas of art theory and cultural management. Furthermore, we have initiated the so called 'Molekula' project in Rijeka, aimed at gathering small non-profit organisations. The project, which launched in 2007 has resulted in the founding of the 'Molekula Associations' and a 520 m2 project space hosting 6 organisations and daily events. In parallel with our local activities we have been active on a national level, participating in the activities of the 'Clubture network' and are heavily involved with policy making on a national level. We are furthermore active on an international level, partaking in the development and implementation of the projects 'SEAS' and 'Four Corners' (both led by Intercult), ARCO and FACTORY as well as a number of partners from the Adriatic region.



Ostrovy s.r.o, Prague Czech Republic

Ostrovy s.r.o. was founded in 2005 working in the domain of culture for the purpose of organizing United Islands, a cross-genre international music festival held on Vltava river islands and surrounding areas in the center of Prague and selected Prague music clubs. The idea is based on presenting music that does not belong to mainstream culture promoted by commercial, and often public-service, media. There were two program goals at the beginning. We have become the first and only organization in the Czech Republic that holds such large event which is based on discoveries of new areas of music, on diversity of music and, in turn, on  the diversity of the continent of Europe. Another goal is to assist bands in discovering new audiences and assisting the audiences in discovering new bands. We managed to meet both targets the evidence of which is the 60,000 spectators who came to this and last years’ events to discover new music that represents specific regions of Europe. As our organization has been founded to organize the festival with the goals mentioned above, the goals of the event and of the organization overlaped completely.



Isarinselfest e.V., Munich Germany

Based on the memories of the well known promenade at the end of the 19th century, the IsarInselFest between Maximiliansbrücke and Ludwigsbrücke revives this tradition in an up to date version. The intention of IsarInselfest is to give the people of munich a better understanding of their wonderful river Isar. The program is designed for all ages, especially for families, children and adolescents as they are the main target group for the diversified educational and cultural program. Particular attention is being paid to multi-cultural offerings which present all ethical groups of Munich. The ground between the bridges Ludwigs- and Maximilianbrücke evolves during the event into an area full of music, arts, sports and creativity. The natural environment and characteristics of the protected landscape and the Isar are involved and considered, too.



The Aura river network association (Aurajokiverkosto ry), Turku Finland

The activities of The Aura river network association are based on the collaborative and international objectives of the Capital of Culture year. The task of the association is to open up and maintain international connections for cultural actors in Turku. The activities comprise public events and services specifically designed for members. The objective of the association is to create an arena for cultural-related discourse and, at the same time, to network and establish new partnerships and opportunities for collaboration. The association endeavors, in the spirit of the Capital of Culture year, to produce events and support international co-operation and cultural import and export activities. The association organizes themed development and discussion meetings, and meetings for members each year. By paying the annual membership fee, members supports the activities of the association and contribute to their further development. Turku is a river city and it lives in the same rhythm with its main vain. Most of the culture center’s (City theatre, Cathedral, Turku Castle, Art schools etc.) lie on the river bank. Aura River is a cultural river and the people of Turku are enjoying greatly of the events that takes place in the riverbanks.



Venti di Cultura, Venice Italy

The not-for-profit Association Venti di Cultura, established in 2006, promotes inter-cultural exchanges along the European shores, supporting institutions and people interested in learning about and teaching on the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean and of all along the European coasts. Founded and based in Venice, Venti di Cultura is interested in the Lagoon as a global entity. Lagoon is indeed a palimpsest where landscapes, characters, timing, and culinary traditions are recognizable, and interlinked at the same time.



Labart, Lisbon Portugal

Labart is a research center, and organizes since 2010 the European Workshop on Waterfront Urban Design. Considering a practice of the Center leader as a teacher of architecture, this project will support the developments for public spaces awareness and the importance of public art and artist intervention. The involvement of students will influence future needs for acting in the regeneration of public space in river cities.



Intercult, Stockholm Sweden

Intercult is an independent production and resource NGO based in Stockholm, Sweden. Operating in Sweden and Europe since 1996, Intercult initiates and leads collaborative culture projects and networks.  Having an active interest in national and European cultural policy we also participate in the development of intercultural and international project competence. We share experience through teaching seminars, conferences, lectures and mentorship. Engaging in trans-border cultural projects, we embrace the challenges of contemporary diversity; voices and expressions. We work cross disciplinary and trans-regionally, inviting artists from different disciplines and places. We work with partners from all over Europe. With 20 projects in-house since 1996 we have several direct experiences of managing EU projects. As producers and experts, Intercult is able to initiate small and large-scale capacity building projects, primarily at the European level, although our main objective is to connect local and international initiatives; across disciplines and in multiple partnerships. We bring together artists, operators and audience, creating unexpected encounters. We also operate actively in several national and European networks, being a founding member of River//Cities, member of Culture Action Europe CAE, IETM, Platform for Intercultural Europe PIE and the National Touring Theater in Sweden (Riksteatern). Working actively together with national and international culture organizations on creating new collaborations and influencing European culture management and politics. As an experienced project beneficiary and audience development expert Intercult is able to take a practical responsibility for the project implementation as well as for process of dealing with learning experiences of participants. 



Thames Festival Trust, London United Kingdom

Thames Festival Trust presents… Totally Thames, a new, month-long celebration of the river. Launching in September 2014, Totally Thames will be the biggest multi-faceted season of river events in the world. It includes the annual extravaganza of the Mayor's Thames Festival, the Greenwich Tall Ships’ regatta, the extraordinary Great River Race, and many other river and riverside events and activities. Totally Thames will take place annually throughout the month of September and, although most events are focused on the 42-mile stretch of river between Hampton Court Bridge in the west and the Dartford Crossing in the east, some, including the River Relay, go yet further to encompass the whole of the Thames from its source – along 215 miles of meandering waterway – to the sea. Totally Thames will raise awareness of the iconic river and its environment and provoke thought and interest in the Thames by commissioning and presenting great art. It will also promote and increase traffic to the river's many and varied visitor attractions, encouraging greater usage of the river for travel, business, sport and recreation.



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