Vienna 21-24 June 2013

Culture for Waterfronts Grundtvig partners met on 21-24 June 2013 in Vienna to to discuss the ” impact of culture on governance policies" and attend the jubilee 30th Danube Island Festival. »»

Corfu 16-17 May 2013

The meeting organised on Corfu  focused  on the impact of culture on sustainable development. »»

Stockholm 21-23 March 2013

Impact of culture on citizenship - the role of culture in developing a sustainable European society. »»

Fossano 13-16 June 2012.

3rd Culture for Waterfront Grundtvig's Project meeting was organised during Mirabilia Festival near Torino in Italy and was hosted by Ondadurto Teatro. The meeting theme was: Impact of culture on public space: social impact and outcomes of open-air activities and revaluation of urban territories.

Lisbon 22-24 March 2012

In the framework of the meeting a public conference on the theme “The impact of Culture on tourism and economic development” took place , composed of three panels of policy makers, experts, technicians and local stakeholders. Conference and the Grundtvig meeting was organized by Lisbon’s municipal company  EGEAC – Management of Cultural Facilities and Activities.

Warsaw 14-15 November 2011

First Grundtvig meeting was connected to "Subject river" Conference in Warsaw and its theme was "Impact of culture on waterfront regeneration". It gave the possibility to discover Warsaw's riverbanks development story from the perspective of City official and local NGO representatives. Organised by the Impact Foundation.

Stockholm 20-21 June 2011

Hosted by Intercult. River//Cities meeting devoted to mission, vision and projects of the network.

Gdansk 22-23 March 2010

Gdansk conference hosted by the Baltic See Cultural Centre: "Rivierbanks as a space for citizens' integration". The accompanying event was the River//Cities Annual General Meeting .

Stockholm 14-16.01.2010

Intercult & Impact River//Cities development meeting

Vienna 19-20.11.2009

Meeting focused on preparations for Gdańsk conference, formal registration and other programming for the future.

Warsaw 23 ? 27.07.2009

Hosted by Impact - evaluation meeting of the Grundtvig Programme Rivers of Change project and visit to Transformations Festival in Warsaw.

Lisbon 3 - 4.04.2009

Hosted by EGEAC Management of Facilities and Cultural Animation Enterprise - Lisbon case study, discussion on „culture as an educational tool”.

Stockholm 6 - 7.02.2009

Hosted by Intercult River//Cities development meeting.

Dublin 19 ? 22.10.2008

Meeting hosted by Temple Bar - Dublin Docklands case study, conference on "Culture and the city".

Vienna 5 ? 7.09.2008

Meeting hosted by The Danube Festival - „Top-down / bottom-up initiatives - in search of effective balance in cooperation between different players and sectors, the role of culture in the process of public space (waterfront) revitalisation;“ meetings with Dr. Hannes Swoboda among others.

Warsaw 25-28.07.2008

Hosted by FNTF/Impact and STEP - Warsaw case study; Development of the river banks in the partner cities - the review of the main problems with river areas, with methods used to solve them, the present situation and future plans; Ecology and Art – is search of definition and practice.

Venice 14-17.02.2008

1st Grundtvig project meeting hosted by Cities on Water - Venice case study.

Monte Negro 27 - 30.09.2007

River//Cities small meeting during the FIAT Festival in Monte Negro.

London 1 - 3.03.2007

River//Cities Development meeting hosted by The Mayor Thames Festival.

2006 1st R//C meeting in Warsaw

In October 2006, during an initiating meeting in Warsaw, representatives of 5 countries: Poland, Great Britain, Sweden, Croatia and Austria, and 9 organisations have decided to establish the River//Cities Platform and have made the first big step on the way towards its creation.

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