2011 - 2013

We are happy to announce that our EU Grundtvig Programmes's application has been approved in all 7 partner countries - Poland, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Austria and Greece. River//Cities members and partners implement new collaborative project: CULTURE FOR WATERFRONTS - THE USE OF CULTURE TO INCREASE ACCESS TO, AND ENGAGEMENT IN, EUROPEAN WATERFRONTS now.


EU grant will allow us to organise structured seminars for face-to-face meetings with themes, presentations and discussions to be held in each partner city and thus give each of the partners a hosting opportunity. Each seminar will have similar structure and will be devoted to the specific aspect of impact of culture on:  citizenship, economy and tourism development, governance policies, public space, the policy of sustainable development and waterfront regeneration.

Project's overall goals:

- to train partner organisations to identify and develop the impact of culture on diverse aspects of waterfront regeneration e.g. volunteering/civil society involvement, public space/city planning, environment, sustainable development, governance etc.;
- to study the use of culture and its contribution to the development of European societies, social inclusion and increased civic engagement;
- to bring together experts and representatives from various sectors for the purpose of exchanging knowledge and experiences, eventually raising the competence of all participants;
- to disseminate the project’s outcomes to contribute to a greater understanding for the role of culture in achieving the EU goal to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy. 

Culture for Waterfronts project's outcome - Handbook

Culture for Waterfronts film

Grundtvig learning partnership - partners

The Learning Partnership includes 7 organisations from Poland, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Austria and Greece. »»

About the impact of culture - library

Some inspiration but also sound prooves for the impact of culture. »»

Warsaw Meeting, November 2011

First Grundtvig meeting was connected to "Subject" river" Conference in Warsaw and its theme was "Impact of culture on waterfront regeneration". »»

Lisbon Meeting, March 2012

22nd March, 2012 a public conference on the theme “The impact of Culture on tourism and economic development” took place in the Auditorium of Fado Museum in Lisbon, composed of three panels of policy makers, experts, technicians and local stakeholders. Conference and the Grundtvig meeting was organized by Lisbon’s municipal company  EGEAC – Management of Cultural Facilities and Activities.   »»

Fossano Meeting, June 2012

3rd Culture for Waterfront Grundtvig's Project meeting was organised during Mirabilia Festival near Torino in Italy from 13 till 16th of June. The meeting's theme was the following: Impact of Culture on Public Space: social impact and outcomes of open-air activities and revaluation of urban territories. »»

Ostend Meeting, September 2012

On the 27th and 28th of September 2012 the city of Ostend (Belgium) is host to the partners of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership ‘Culture for Waterfronts’. During the meeting partners will focus on the ‘ Impact of culture on citizenship: digital and multimedia skills triggering community sense’. »»

Stockholm Meeting, March 2013

Intercult welcomed participants of the 5th Culture for Waterfronts partnership meeting in Stockholm, 21-22 March, 2013. The topic of the Stockholm meeting was the following: Impact on Citizenship – the role of culture in developing a sustainable European society. »»

Corfu Meeting, May 2013

The meeting was organised on Corfu 16th and 17th of May 2013. The focus was on the impact of culture on sustainable development. »»

Vienna meeting 2013

"Culture for Waterfronts"  Grundtvig partners met on 21-24 June 2013 in Vienna to discuss the ” impact of culture on governance policies" and attend the jubilee 30th Danube Island Festival. »»

Culture for Waterfronts - film

Summing up the Learning Partnership project supported by the Grundtvig Programme

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