Baltic Audience Links


Baltic Audience Links  is  a new network project with a specific aim to widen and strengthen the existing networks: River//Cities (EU) and Access Europa (SE), giving them a clear Baltic dimension.

The project aims at connecting cultural actors around the Baltic Sea, strengthening the civil society and its organisations as well as developing and building, through culture, the BSR society’s identity, both at local and regional levels.The idea is to connect a network of organisations, institutions and experts working with local development, culture & social innovation and to look strategically at the audiences they connect with on everyday basis.

The aim is to contribute to complex common regional Baltic Sea cultural identity but also, on a macro level, to European identity. We want to bridge the BSR region with European Union through joining efforts of two existing networks and one European project. We want to create a new constellation of actors within BSR and to strenghten the cooperation with BSR.

The theme for our Baltic Audience Links is Audience Development for Culture Organisations in Baltic Sea Region. In order to create a sense of togetherness in the region we all have to rethink how to develop new audiences.
We are interested in projects on micro level which aim to bring together the society by participatory approach (a theme that partners of Baltic Audience Links wants to investigate in even more depth that it has been done in previous projects within BSR region). We want to take a closer look at local audiences on many levels; from people living in new, modern neighborhoods to neglected ones, from young generations to senior citizens, from city dwellers to villagers.
One part of the project is also an Audience Development study in the BSR region, which will be conducted by from Lithuania.


The project is co financed by the Baltic Sea Unit at Swedish Institute in Stockholm.

About Swedish Institute and the background of Baltic Audience Links Project.

The objective of Swedish Institute?s Baltic Sea Unit is a development and strengthening of Swedish relations and co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region. »»

Baltic Audience Links Project partners

This learning partnership is based on work and cooperation of three EU cultural organisations from Sweden, Poland and Lithuania. »»

Baltic Audience Links Research

One of the Baltic Audience Links aims is to complete a research that focuses on developing a Baltic network of cultural actors that apply participatory approach in developing urban spaces and contributing into development of the local communities. »»

EUSBSR Forum 8-9 November 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

R//C board members and Laimikis.It participated in the Forum's events and the accompanying program. »»

4th Strategic Project Development Workshop, 9th November 2016 Stockholm, Sweden.

Intercult jointly with PA Culture organised the 4th Strategic Project Development Workshop, hosted by Goethe-Institute in Stockholm. »»

Audience Links Xchange Conference and Workshop, 20-24th February 2017, Stockholm

20-24th February, Stockholm, Sweden. Developed by CORNERS, a long-term EU funded project initiated by Intercult, and Baltic Audience Links, an emerging regional network. »»

Co-urbanism event in Vilnius, Lithuania, 07-08 April 2017

Baltic Audience Links is co-organiser of Co-Urbanism event, and this is our 3rd event within the project. »»

Baltic Audience Links Partner meeting and public seminar Gdańsk, 17-20 May.

The final gathering of Baltic Audience Links is going to take place in Gdansk, starting on 17th May and finishing on May 20. »»

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