Vilnius’ centre is located on the flux of two rivers – The river Neris and Vilnele.  The river Neris is running through the very centre of Vilnius dividing the new and old centres of the city. Despite such geographical and visual centrality of the river, the river is physically isolated from the city by traffic roads and concrete barriers against the tide framing the river from both sides. Therefore, the only routes leading to the embankments are the safety ramps designed for the fire-stations every 500 m of the embankment, as well as the stairs under the bridges.
In the past several years Vilnius citizens increasingly started to perceive the embankment as a very pleasant , beautiful and as a public space with a huge potential.  Few parts of the embankment and also as a result of certain cultural initiatives became visited and used. People also started to organise and offer leisure cruises, regattas and sculpture exhibitions. The city planning department is also trying to contribute increasingly and is discussing the potential of the river. However, until now many initiatives and desires to use the river remain incompatible with each other and lack a comprehensive policy of administration.

Member in Vilnius, Lithuania

KultFlux is an urban artist initiative that founded a cultural platform on the embankment of the river Neris in Vilnius, Lithuania. It offers a temporary pavilion together with its surroundings for cultural appropriation with an objective to find new uses of the river and the embankment and to make both more dynamic.

Another aim is to fill in the gap of lacking critical discussion of urban and architectural development in Vilnius and other cities in the region. KultFlux organises international workshops of design and architecture, urban discussions and film screenings, dance and music evenings, art exhibitions and book presentations. The program also largely relies on the wide collaboration and networking with other local and international cultural initiatives and individuals, mostly including non governmental organisations. KultFlux functions in the warm months of the year, since 2008 and has already developed some routes towards the river Neris.