Member in Skopje, Macedonia

Esperanza-World Culture Center

Vardar River festival is newly established manifestation with the ambition to become an annual event, taking place each September. The main aim of the festival is to raise the citizens’ social, cultural, ecological and even economical awareness about the significance of the river Vardar for the city Skopje and its key role in creating healthy, natural habitat. This aim can be reached by a series of festival activities which unite urbanity, the city, culture (understood in the broadest sense, as a way of life), nature, the river, and the environment.

The content of the festival includes activities such as: cleaning of the river and its banks, cooperation with schools in arranging the quay, producing flower replicas from the waste material, arte povera, land-art, installations, and other actions with recycled materials. Different actions and projects connected with architecture and the arrangement of the public space are also presented and showcased. The Festival and its activities reflect the different city communities, its multicultural background and in the same time would lead to their unity and cohesion.

As the Government is undertaking huge investment plans around the waterfront, critical debate and conferences are also in planed for the future development.