Ostrovy s.r.o. was founded in 2005 working in the domain of culture for the purpose of organizing United Islands, a cross-genre international music festival held on Vltava river islands and surrounding areas in the center of Prague and selected Prague music clubs. The idea is based on presenting music that does not belong to mainstream culture promoted by commercial, and often public-service, media. There were two program goals at the beginning. We have become the first and only organization in the Czech Republic that holds such large event which is based on discoveries of new areas of music, on diversity of music and, in turn, on  the diversity of the continent of Europe. Another goal is to assist bands in discovering new audiences and assisting the audiences in discovering new bands. We managed to meet both targets the evidence of which is the 60,000 spectators who came to this and last years’ events to discover new music that represents specific regions of Europe. As our organization has been founded to organize the festival with the goals mentioned above, the goals of the event and of the organization overlaped completely.