member in odessa, ukraine

NGO ArtTravel is an independent non-profit organisation based in two cities Kyiv and Odessa, Ukraine which functions as a hub of local, regional and international exchange. Our team meets both young and perspective artists with experienced specialist in different fields.

The main goals of our Organisation:

  • to promote Art
  • to discover a new view into Ukrainian cultural space (both authentic and contemporary Art) through travelling and art-performances.
  • to link initiatives with the purpose of developing cultural competence and increasing diversity in the cultural sector.
  • to develop cultural activity in Ukraine through educational project in Fine Art
  • to refresh cultural life in Ukraine with international experiences and influences
  • to cooperate with Ukrainian and International cultural Organisations in common ground of promoting Art and realisation of joint culture projects

Short overview of our projects:
·    April 2004 — International youth festival «A modern view»
·    January 2005 — June 2006 — Social project «??? ?????» “Without roof?”
·    May 2005 — International art-festival «?????» “Gun”
·    November 2006 – Photo-biennale  «?? ??????» “Out of limit”
·    May 2008 – Theatre festival of improvisation «?????» “Now”
·    April - September 2009 –  Literature  festival «???????? ?9» “Page ?9”

A number of personal photo-exhibitions were held by NGO ArtTravel in Ukrainian cities such as Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa either in such European countries as France, Germany, Estonia, Belorussia, Poland etc. Kateryna Radchenko curated these projects also.
Our team has an experience in organising literature presentation, public lectures, work-shops, art-performances, concerts etc. We provide publicity and PR support for all our events, spread info through our media-base and communicate with Mass-media.